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Further English Resources

As EAL Specialist Teacher at Wood End Park Academy, I am passionately committed to ensuring that our school strives to meet the full range of needs of children who are learning English as an additional language (EAL) to provide every opportunity for them to achieve their full potential by enabling them to access all aspects of the curriculum.

This includes creating a diverse range of resources including audio visual and kinaesthetic appropriate to motivate each child in learning. I am responsible for planning learning activities for targeted groups of children alongside advising staff on best EAL practice. Appropriate targets are set for each child who has recently arrived in the country enabling them to grasp the fundamentals of the English Language.

Please do make full use of the resources which we have carefully created to support your child in developing their English Language. These resources are very important in providing your child with practice in different aspects of grammar.

Your feedback is very welcome.

Ms F. Din

 Further English Resources
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