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Year Group Resources

Years 1-2
Y1 - Working towards WritingY1 - Working at Writing
Y1 - Working above WritingY1 - Maths and Reading
Y2 - Working towards WritingY2 - Working at Writing
Y2 - Working above WritingY2 - Maths
Y2 - SpellingY1 Writing
Y1 Nelson Joined WritingY1 Nelson Joined Writing
Grammar in Y1Y1/2 World Book Day
Y1/2 Reading PromptsSATs Meeting Presentation Updated
Parent PackWriting at Greater Depth
Grammar Features Success LadderSpring Term Spellings
How To Practise SpellingsWebsite Resources
Y1 Phonics BooksHigh Frequency Words
Writing - Greater Depth - Y1Calculation Strategies
Summer SpellingsSound Mats
Exceeding WritingExpected Writing
Working Towards WritingMaths and Reading
Year 2 SATs Resources
SATs Meeting PresentationComprehenasion Practice Paper
Writing - Greater Depth - Y2