Academy Priorities

Wood End Park Academy - 2017/18

Dear Parents / Carers of Wood End Park academy’s community,

It has been a pleasure to work with and continue to work with our families of Wood End Park academy. If you are new to our school then: Welcome!

It is via our parent partnership that the quality of learning by our pupils has strengthened. With your support, colleagues have been able to teach Wood End Park pupils to achieve impressive performance outcomes:

2016/17 successes include:

One of our Targets of 2017/18:

Reading did increase by 9% however we wish our pupils to be able to answer their SATs comprehension paper as well as other children in the country.

What you can do to help:
  1. Please do ensure you are hearing your own children read each day and are able to ask them good questions about their book. Do ensure that your child is reading a book that is at the right level for them and not too easy- do discuss any concerns you have over your child’s reading with his/her class teacher
  2. Pupils need to read a range of books and compare them e.g. discussing the similarities and differences between characters, plot, theme and author’s style of writing.
  3. Do ensure your child is a member of the local library, choosing books of interest and changing these regularly.
  4. Help your child to achieve the Star Reader badge that we offer at the academy. There are three types: bronze, silver and gold.

We will also continue with our Curriculum Exhibitions so you can view and support the quality of work in other subjects. This year we will have Exhibitions in the areas of:
Thank you for your continuous support and I do hope you can continue to support with our targets. By working together, we can achieve even greater success for our children!

Fond Regards

Ms Surjeet Johra