'Wood End Park Academy Community is dedicated to assisting and thinking of others, one way in which we do this is by raising money for a range of charities.   Our aim is to encourage children to develop their Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural through exciting fundraising projects and activities where they work together.

Each year group will be assigned a charity, that they will be responsible for raising money for each school year. We are hoping this will encourage a lot of innovative and creative thinking by our children! The pupils within the year group will decide the best way to raise the money for their charity developing key skills for life.' 

Just click on the thumbnails below to visit the supported charities websites.

WEPA - Our Year Group Supported Charities
Early Years - Nursery and Reception
RSPCA Links to Reception’s Animals topic.
Year One
St George’s Hospital Charity
History – Links with Year 1’s Autumn topic (Toy’s from the past).
Year Two
Science – links with Plants and Nature and Variation topics.
Year Three
Geography – this UK based charity have charitable operations all over the world.
Year Four
The Salvation Army
Religious Education. Christian Charity, so links can be made with Christian Values and revisit concepts such as Harvest Festival.
Year Five
Barnardo’s Children’s Charity
History – Links with Victorians
Year Six
Royal British Legion
History – Year 6 cover WW2

WEPA - Our Whole School Supported Charities
Whole School (School Council)
Jeans for Genes Day
(September, Autumn 1)
Science link to Variation.
Children in Need
(November, Autumn 2)
Geography – this UK based charity helps people all over the Great Britain and United Kingdom.
Shoe Box Appeal
(December, Autumn 2)
Save the Children: Christmas Jumper
(December, Autumn 2)
Red Nose Day - Sport Relief
(March, Spring 2)
Link with Let’s Get A Balance Week.
Help The Heroes
(July, Summer 2)
Could be linked to Sports Day (Prince Harry’s Invictus Games could have or own WEPA version).

Charity Work in 2017/18
  • Grief Encounter
  • WWF
  • Help for Heroes
  • Michael Sobell Hospice
  • McMillan Coffee Morning
  • Samaritan's Purse
  • Lark In The Park
  • Society of Mucopolysaccharides Disease
  • Salvation Army 1
  • Combat Stress
  • Royal British Legion
  • Save the Children
  • Salvation Army 2

  • Charity Work in 2016/17
  • DEC East Africa Appeal 2017
  • Whole School - Children in Need
  • Y1-Salvation Army 01
  • Y4-Grief Encounters
  • Y6-Jeans for Genes Day 01
  • Whole School-British Heart Foundation
  • Samaritan's Purse - Shoebox Appeal
  • Thank You from Samaritans Purse
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Charity Special Newsletter 2017
  • Early Years - RSPCA
  • Y1-Salvation Army 02
  • Y5-Dr Barnardos
  • Y6-Jeans for Genes Day 02
  • 'Stand Up To Cancer' Flyer
  • WEPA Charities Overview 2016-17
  • RSPCA - Early Years

  • Charity Work in 2015/16
  • Early Years 'Bake Sale' to raise money for the RSPCA
  • Year 2 Charity - World Wildlife Fund
  • Year 6 Charity - The Royal British Legion
  • Year 1 Charity - The Salvation Army
  • Year 3 Charity - Oxfam
  • Sports Relief