Childhood Promise

We believe that childhood is a very special gift that should be treated with the utmost care.  As key adults in a child’s life, we need to respect this unique gift and ensure that it is as perfect as possible for each boy and girl.  We think that every child, without exception, is entitled to a set of experiences that they can deposit in a bank of childhood memories to remember and savour for a lifetime.

Experiences like ... handling real living wildlife … feeding farm animals… paddling in the sea… admiring an enormous castle … appreciating art … seeing a west end favourite or… a sightseeing tour of London!

Each school year the federation will arrange and fund one of these special experiences. All of the outings and trips noted above will be free of charge, please see the pdf below for details.

Mr M Young

Chef Executive and Federation Principal

TPF - Childhood Promise
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    Mill Cottage Farm
    Wellington Park
    Westminster Trip