Curriculum Art

This year was a particularly exciting one as it is the Year of Art for our school. This meant that there was a particular focus on developing and enhancing the creative, artistic talents of our children.

We have initiated several art projects that have proved to be very successful and enjoyable for all the pupils involved.

Our Black History Month art project involved children researching and investigating a famous black artist, and producing art work in a similar style. The results of the project were both interesting and creative, and are exhibited within the school.

As always, we encourage and value contributions to our art curriculum from the school community. We have held an open Art afternoon where parents and carers had the opportunity to view children’s art work and become artist themselves! The children became the art teachers demonstrating and explaining various art styles and skills. The adults were encouraged to produce pieces of art work based on the art style demonstrated. This afternoon proved to be a successful collaborative event for all involved.

We had other events including the Spirited Arts competition. This project encouraged children to explore concepts of spiritual and religious education in a creative way. The theme this year was “Art in Heaven”.

We will be continuing to develop this in 2017-2018.

Art Vision Statement
At Wood End Park Academy, Art is greatly recognised as one of the subjects which allows children to be utterly creative. We understand that Art is vital to a child’s learning as it helps them develop new skills and more importantly, advance their motor skills. Simple things (that we may take for granted) like holding a paintbrush and scribbling with a crayon is an important element to developing a child’s fine motor skills; at Wood End Park Academy we ensure that motor skills are a part of every art lesson.

Children in Key Stage 1 adore art and it is easy to see why. Children are given the opportunity to be creative, have time to focus and develop motor skills and confidence. They learn about how to sketch; this is important as the pupils are able to work from range of different compositions and angles, moreover, children learn from a young age that they can be expressive and get initial ideas down onto paper through this form of art. Furthermore, they learn how to collage effectively, which is great for developing decision making skills, collages give children independence and a chance for trial and error – an important skill! Learning how to make choices and decisions will certainly carry over into their education and other parts of life—as this is certainly a valuable skill in adulthood.
Key Stage 2 focus on exploring the work of famous artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Kandinsky and Andy Warhol, to name a few. They learn about the artist, their work and its effect, and how they can use the artist’s techniques to create a similar piece. The children experience drawing, painting, and sculpting in art class; these help develop visual-spatial skills. Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticise, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it. What is great is that the children are accountable for their work, they realise that it is important to take responsibility for their choices in their art work. Mistakes are a part of life, and learning to accept them, fix them, and move on will serve kids well as they grow older. The children work patiently and accurately and take great pride in their Art.

Students in our academy are always pleased and ready to undertake Art. They are encouraged to try their best and to be as creative as possible. What is exciting for not only the children, but parents and members of staff, is our school often display fantastic art work all around the school to showcase the children’s brilliant work.

In addition, there is an Art exhibition held where the pupils’ work can be appreciated by all.

Miss Dhayatker
Art and DT subject lead.

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