Curriculum Music

In autumn 1 2017, the children in year 6 were learning about music from the Second World War.  In addition to listening to music sung by Vera Lynn, the children have been thinking about the purpose and message in a war time song.  To conclude year 6 have composed their own wartime songs and have begun to use Music ICT software to create a backing track.  There is a competition as the children in 6CT, 6HM and 6FI are vying for the top spot in the music chart.

Ms McClean

Year 4 have been learning about Tudor Music and have been memorising all of the historical fact in a song.   In autumn 2 2017, year 3 and 4 will have Recorder and Violin lessons with a Teacher from the Hillingdon Music Service.  New Music Ambassadors and Music Club Monitors have been elected.

The KS2 Choir have been invited to perform with the Hillingdon Brass Band at a Carol Concert in December and have already begun working learning songs for the Young Voices Concert at the O2 in February 2018. The new KS1 Choir Club meets every Friday lunchtime.  They are currently working towards performing at the KS1 Singing Festival in December! The Recorder Club, Keyboard Club, African Drumming Club and Music G and T club are available for WEPAs Marvellous Musicians to explore this year too.

Miss McLean: Music Teacher

Top Music Tips from Miss McLean
How to hold the Recorder Correctly
Year 3 will be learning to play the Recorder this year!  A Teacher from the Hillingdon Music Service will teach them how to play the Recorder clearly and how to recognise simple notation.  The children will have the exciting opportunity to become a marvellous musician! Here is how to hold a recorder correctly;
  1. Hold the top of the Recorder with your left hand.
  2. Support the lower end of the Recorder with your right hand.
  3. Place the thumb on your left and cover the hole on the back of the Recorder.

Gallery of Musical Events

1st December 10:30 am – 2:45pm    KS1 Singing Festival -  KS1 Choir
1st December 5:30pm – 6:30pm    Carol Service – KS2 Choir singing  with the Hillingdon Brass Band in Uxbridge
6th December 1:15pm – 2:45pm    Kingsley Court Care home for the Elderly Performance
7th and 8th December Year 2 Carol Concert
11th December   Keyboard Club Lunchtime Recital
13th December Recorder Club Lunchtime Recital

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Our Visit to Kingsley Court Centre

The Wood End Park Academy Recorder Club were invited to perform at the Kingsley Court centre for the elderly. The children performed Hot Cross Buns, BB Blues and many other songs to an excited audience. Chelsea and Hamna both performed pieces they had composed themselves and all of the children were invited to perform an encore. This has been a very helpful experience as the children are developing their confidence and performance skills.

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Music Videos
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Music Information
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  • MP3 Files

    To help with choir rehearsals 18 music tracks have been uploaded to the website. To listen to the music please click on the thumbnail below. Once you have finished listening just close down the new page to be returned here.