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Early Years Vision

 Children who attend Wood End Park Academy feel welcomed, safe and secure in an environment that builds upon each individual’s wants, needs and interests. Children build strong relationships and bonds with key adults ensuring they feel valued, allowing them to explore and learn. They develop good communication skills through positive interaction with adults and peers which aids them in learning skills that help them throughout their lives. We foster their creativity throughout the Early Years. Children develop lively, enquiring minds with a love of learning and a lifetime of curiosity. They have many opportunities to ask questions and be interested in the answers, to solve problems and think critically. Children develop their knowledge and skills to their full potential in every area of the curriculum so they may grow into independent, self-motivated, caring and sharing members of society. We offer a variety of real life experiences to help the children link all of their learning together. Children are offered a wide and varied curriculum utilizing both indoor and outdoor environments. Our aim is to nurture children so that they have a great attitude to learning and have all the basic skills they require to achieve all of their aspirations...........

Early Years Photographs

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