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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) CLASSES FOR PARENTS
“Would you like to develop your use of the English language?”

The ESOL course is a free of charge for parents/carers of children who attend Wood End Park Academy.  The Academy aims to help and support the parents/carers  of those children whose first language is not English.

Parents are children’s first educators, when parents and teachers work together, there is a more positive impact on your child’s learning and development.

Parents who do not speak English at home (parents who did not learn English as a child and currently speak a non-English language in the home) may feel less confident than parents who do to attend a school meeting or school event, or to volunteer or serve on a committee.

In the beginners basic ESOL course, we will help you to learn basic English language skills,  to read and write your own personal details, also to become more confident in communicating with others, and help your own children with their learning too.

"I believe that good communication is key to success.  It can be a very daunting experience to be in a new country and not understand the language spoken or be able to communicate with people day to day.  I feel the ESOL classes offered to parents/carers of children who attend WEPA is a positive step towards empowering them to gain independence and to bring the school community together.  The class setting and agenda is an informal one to help parents/carers to build confidence and communicate well in a relaxed environment.  These classes also go towards the parent/carer being able to assist in their child's education and their future development." - Ms Dutt

Please do come to the front office every Wednesday (starting 1st March) from 1:50pm to 3:30pm

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