Purpose of the Parent Council

 Parent Councils can provide an excellent forum for parents to come together, share ideas, and put forward their views to the Principal and governing body of their school. They can break down barriers, perceived or actual, between the school and parents.

Although every Parent Council evolves differently depending on the nature of the school, they all serve two distinct but related purposes:
These are the two aims for the Parent Council at WEPA this year. Alongside more formal meetings, to begin later in the academic year (if there is sufficient interest), we will also be inviting parents in to assist with different projects and activities throughout the school year. These projects include, but are not limited to: charity days, Futures Week, reading projects and work with the Green Team. Letters and flyers will be sent out bearing the branding of the parent council before each event. Thank you to parents who have already contributed by attending the coffee morning to share ideas, and to those who have been in to school to read with children – this is hugely appreciated.

Benefits for children

Benefits for parents

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